Implant Gallery

Implants are a tremendous option to replace a single tooth or many teeth. This gallery is designed to show you some of the options that are available using dental implants.

Implants Gallery Case 1


This patient lost her front tooth in an ice skating accident. The options were to place a three tooth bridge, which requires the removal of a lot of the adjacent teeth, an implant, or a removable appliance like a partial denture. The patient chose to have an implant placed.


The completed treatment looks like nothing ever happened. If you did not know there was a tooth previously missing you would not be able to venture a guess that any treatment had ever been done.

Implants Gallery Case 2


One of the most common congenitally missing teeth are the upper laterals. This patient was never born with an adult lateral tooth.


A single implant was placed and the result is very naturally looking and the patient was very pleased. The center tooth next to the implant had a veneer placed on the tooth, and the gum tissue was trimmed so that it matched the other center tooth next to it.

Implants Gallery Case 3


This patient lost his teeth on your right side in an auto accident. In the top photo, he is wearing a removable partial denture, which did not match his other teeth, which were made of porcelain crowns.


Six implants were placed and the other crowns were replaced as well. The result is very naturally looking and the patient now has the confidence to eat, laugh, and smile.

Implants Gallery Case 4

This patient lost all his natural teeth many years ago and wore upper and lower full dentures before the implants were placed on the bottom. The patient had no problem with his top denture staying in place so no implants were placed on top.


The lower denture clips onto the bars between the implants, which makes it very stable, yet the patient is able to remove the denture when they need to in order to brush and clean the implants. The result is a solid chewing surface and the patient can eat whatever food he desires.

Implants Gallery Case 5

This patient lost all her natural teeth and had worn dentures for over 20 years. Both the top and bottom dentures were loose because there was not much bone for the denture to sit on. Four implants, two on top and two on bottom, were placed as you can see.


The dentures are removable for cleaning but they clip onto the implants using rings. They are very stable and natural looking.

Implants Gallery Case 6

The picture on top shows the patient with a missing tooth. On the bottom, a dental implant has been placed and has healed for six weeks.


The picture on top shows the implant with a post, which is the foundation for a porcelain crown. On the bottom is the finished treatment, which shows how natural dental implants can appear.

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